There is no way to wave a magic wand and have your site show up in Google in such a way that it will get you visitors that turn into revenue and that is where we come in! Aside from what we see when we look at your site we do an awful lot that relates to your site in other places on the internet so that there is a variety of attention given to you by Google, Bing and the minor search engines.

Here are just a few of the things we do to get you more internet traffic to your site and to make your cash register ring!

Identify Google Searches – We have software that reverse engineers the searches in Google and we target those search terms (keywords) so that you are getting, not only traffic, but the right kind of traffic.

Search Engine Friendly Content – We have our writers use those search terms and write search engine


friendly content that is used in a variety of places in our process.

Backlinks – It is getting to be common knowledge that backlinks are required to get a site ranked in the search engines. We build backlinks to your site in a variety of infrastructures that are designed to get you to show in Google for the right kinds of searches.

Press Releases – Google views an online press release as an authority web site and we have our team write press releases and then syndicate them on some of the major press release sites. This not only gets you attention from Google but also can drive direct traffic from those sites.

Videos – A professional video is a necessity if you are going to make Google happy and we not only put one together and put it on Youtube, we also syndicate it onto other video sites as well to get you a strong presence in the video arena.

Local Citations – Many local searches can be found on sites such as Yelp, Merchant Circle et al. and we not only make sure that you get a presence there, we optimize the citations and we let Google know as well. This is an important aspect of Local SEO that many people over look or take for granted.

Social Media – If you do not have a social media presence we put one together and if you do, we find the best ways to build it up so that you are getting the visibility you need in an area that is a must have presence.

Don’t let your competitors take business from you because you are missing some or all of these key areas. Get in now and start driving more traffic to your site!

Once we identify the search terms that those that could use your products and services in your area, we put you into our proprietary system to get you showing up where you should show up in Google!

Proprietary Automated Process

Our process involves six steps to get you ranked in Google.

1) Interview you to determine what market will generate the most revenue for you.
2) Identify the search terms in Google that will get you the best targeted traffic.
3) Review your current site for any issues.
4) Review any current backlinking to your site.
5) Make adjustments on your current site.
6) Put everything we have gathered into the automated system and start the process.

Monitoring is set up and you even get weekly reports emailed to you showing the progress!

We take all the information we identify and gather that will generate targeted traffic to your site and then let our automated processes take over.

We have coded an automated process in house that, once set for your particular site, does exactly what is needed to get your site on top in Google!

Being SEO professionals and having the best in proprietary automated tools is a combination that is sure to make a difference when it comes to ranking your site in the search engines.

Our automation also allows us to concentrate on a identifying the best search terms possible and to tweak the proper verbiage for all the content we generate for your site.